Lost Forever // Lost Together, Architects (UK)

Drums: Dan Searle
Vocals: Sam Carter
Guitar, Keyboards: Tom Searle
Bass: Alex Dean

An iron fist in a velvet glove // Another vulture posing as a dove // Do you have no shame? // Look at what you've become // You are the reason we are bitter and then some // They sing of saviours, we sing of sorrow // But we're still holding on for dear life // You sold us all down the river // I hope you choke on the vows that you failed to deliver // You said you'd change the world, but death still flies east // The blind lead the blind, so we bomb for peace // Grave digger, there's blood on your hands // You built this empire on salt and sand // Not all is fair in love and war // History repeats, we've seen this all before // We've given the vampires the keys to the blood bank // They say the more things change, the more they stay the same // Whilst the liars leech, the crooked preach // So lie through your teeth, lie like you mean it // it beggars belief, do you really think that we still fucking believe it? // There's no room in here for an honest man, only callous and cold hearts // Oppressor, you built this empire on salt and sand.

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Architects (UK)

Architects (UK)

Architects, the Brighton-based outfit Kerrang recently awards the title of “Best British Live Band” and The Guardian said feature “gloriously crafted anthems of defiance,” return ...

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