Lost Forever // Lost Together, Architects (UK)

Drums: Dan Searle
Vocals: Sam Carter
Guitar, Keyboards: Tom Searle
Bass: Alex Dean

No one knows permanence quite like you // There's a ruthlessness in all that you do // This is not about what we deserve // There's no bias in the misery served // C.A.N.C.E.R // So watch the sun sink into the sea // There is a perfect peace but don't wait up for me // When we all fade away // And this world can't bare another day // There will be no fight in broken bliss // I feel it now more than ever // A reaper's watch // My life ready to sever // Your name carries more than disease // A symbol of man brought to his knees // Find a little light and hold it close // Don't lose sight of what matters most // This is the burden we all carry together // Waiting in the wings, so we never say never.

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Architects (UK)

Architects (UK)

Architects, the Brighton-based outfit Kerrang recently awards the title of “Best British Live Band” and The Guardian said feature “gloriously crafted anthems of defiance,” return ...

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